A Side Order of Crazy

The week before any big break at school is always interesting.  This one has been especially so.

Within the last two days I sent two different students to the office for throwing pencils at their classmates.  The assistant principal, who handles discipline, asked if I was hosting academic olympics with pencil javelin throws.

There was one incidence of pants falling down.

I had a strange conversation with a fifth grader:
Josh:  Oh, an eraser.  But I already have an eraser.  His name is Bob.
Classmate:  He has his good days and his bad days.
Me:  Josh or Bob?

An autistic fifth grader brought me three chapter books.  “Look,” he said, “a mystery sandwich!”  He then proceeded to act like he was eating them.

Unsurprisingly, the last class of the day was extremely talkative.
Jeremy: (trying to quiet his classmates) SHHHHHHH!
Me:  You sound like a fire hose.
Michael:  I’m in choir!  [Fire, Michael, not choir.]

One girl claimed “a ladybug peed on her!”

And the funniest/strangest was the student who wanted to know why, instead of scissors, the class couldn’t use “a machete on an axle.”
[Note one:  he meant a paper-cutter]
[Note two:  I think the answer of why not is inherent in the question.]

Happy Spring Break!


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