Ought To / Want To

As I get older, I get “better” at procrastinating.  One might say I’ve become lazier.  I prefer to think that age and perspective have mellowed my type-A personality a bit, leading to different priorities.

Anyway, the “to do list” for spring break includes:

  • take the car for an oil change
  • do taxes
  • sort through a mess of paperwork
  • get a haircut
  • routine doctor’s appointment
  • [work on a top secret but time consuming project]
  • clean the house
  • switch out cold weather clothes for warm weather ones in the closets
  • take care of some refinancing paperwork at the county offices
  • get the car washed and detailed

What I’ve actually accomplished over the past 3-day weekend:


There was napping involved as well.


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  1. Denise Hay

    Love the socks. Very timely considering the cold weather we are having. If you put away your cold weather clothes, surely we will begin to have some warmer weather! By the way, my last post was something I was going to post weeks ago and forgot about. I really had a current post, but since my techie is on a cruise, I am stuck with an old camera and am having technical difficulties. You may see spring break posts a week late!
    Don’t feel bad…I have those ongoing lists running through my head, too!

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