Notes from an Anglophile

Yes, I got up at 4:00 am.  Yes, I have the day off, so I’m going to take a nap later.

Observations and comments:

  • They should confiscate Posh Beckham’s hat as a lethal weapon.
  • They’re going to have the Olympic volleyball on the Horse Guards parade ground?!
  • Matt Lauer:  “Will a wedding like this rejuvenate the hat industry, do you think?”  Judging from the examples I see, I sure hope not.
  • Wills is “good friends” with Mr. Bean?
  • Love the name Pippa.  Clementine and Camilla not so much.
  • Funny Pepsi commercial with David Beckham.
  • Per protocol, only leaders of Commonwealth countries must be invited – payback for that little dustup in 1776?
  • There are TREES inside Westminster Abbey.  Not liking.
  • Beckham is OBE?  You can be knighted for football? (Stupid question.  Of course you can.)
  • The red coat throws a spanner in the works for Knit Your Own Royal Wedding!
  • Kate’s a year older than William.
  • Aston Villa?  Is there a rule royalty must support obscure football clubs?
  • The pageboys are cute.  The bridesmaids look about like all little girl bridesmaids do.
  • What is that on Princess Beatrice’s head?!!!!
  • Stop with the back views, we never knew Will was quite that bald.
  • The queen’s butter yellow is nice.
  • THE DRESS!  It’s okay, but I like Pippa’s better.
  • Okay, they actually did the “speak now or hold your peace” thing.  And someone coughed.
  • They said “for richer or for poorer” without giggling.
  • God’s word is always appropriate, but Romans 12 seems like an odd reading for this wedding.
  • The Bishop of London is named after a French cathedral (Chartres).
  • I wonder how many Americans thought “why are they playing My Country Tis of Thee?” when they started God Save the Queen.
To quote Robert Browning, “Oh, to be in England, now that April’s there.”  Well, at least I’m off to an interesting engagement this afternoon (more later)…

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