Tea With the Queen

My pressing engagement Friday afternoon?

Tea with the queen, of course!  Read about it here.  I think Lacy and I were just about the youngest people in the room, but it was a lot of fun.

Since Friday was halfway between spring break and the end of the school year, it was the perfect day to take off.

The weather was gorgeous, after one of the rainiest Aprils ever, and there were even souvenirs.

Meanwhile, Lady Jane has something to add.

“Big deal.  You already live with royalty — me!”



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2 responses to “Tea With the Queen

  1. Jenny

    did you tell everyone your sister lives on Westminster Ave?

  2. Wow, how impressive… a picture with the queen! …and a short queen at that… too bad Lacy is there, otherwise you would look rather tall! Hehe, 😉 Looks like you two had some fun though! But where are you wonderful hats?!

    P.S. Love that picture of Lady Jane!

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