Look, Penguins!

Last night the ladies from church had a scavenger hunt / road rally thing.

It involved getting points for driving around town finding and photographing various crazy items.

1. A picture of a mural painted electrical box.

Friendly guy.

2.  A receipt for 0.73 in gas and a picture of team members with a uniformed person.

Nothing like accosting total strangers with weird requests.

3.  A picture of an animal.

That’s Sadie, my parents’ neighbor’s male cat, who is even bigger than Lady Jane and gorgeous. (No idea why he is named Sadie.)

4.  A picture of a team member giving another team member a piggyback ride – in front of the library.

Did they put the library in just for me?

5. A picture of all your team members in a tree.

All in all a lot of fun, although I’m not sure my mom’s forgiven us yet for tromping through her house to get “a picture of everyone in a bathtub.”


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  1. Looks like you had fun! I did this once for a friends birthday party… it was so fun… and the pictures are even funnier to look back on!

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