Really, Really Random

I’m warning you.  I mean really.  Catch-up-with-all-the-photos-and-stray-thoughts random.  Stream of consciousness random.

1.  What do Paolo Nutini and I have in common?

Mine are Merrells, though, not Pumas.  I had to go all the way to the Merrell store in Carmel to find some to fit my freakish midget feet.

BTW, in the world of Random Thinking, has anyone else noticed the prevalence of Italian names in Scottland?  Paolo Nutini, Dario Franchitti, Del Amitri.  Probably not, nor cared.

2. How NOT to repave a driveway:

Have the guy who assesses your driveway from the paving company fail to notice there is concrete under the gravel (?!?!?!).  Then have seven guys wait around while they get the proper equipment to deal with this.  Proper equipment then results in much concrete dust and noise.

Then, the whole thing will be behind schedule and the paving company will have to come back later to finish the actual paving.  In the meantime, they will leave the driveway as leveled-off dirt.

Which will turn into a lake when it monsoons again.

3.  Does anyone else find the large corn hanging from the ceiling at Target weird and disturbing?

(You were warned.  Random.)

4.  There is always knitting, isn’t there?

Finished the “Orange Peel” wrap and gave it to the recent grad.  She seemed to like it.

5.  Finally, my favorite blog fodder.  I have a new sound system. Hee hee.

It allows me to play my iPod in my . . . . wait for it . . .

2011 Honda Fit.



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2 responses to “Really, Really Random

  1. Oh the Fit is such a cute little car. I considered it 4 years ago but ended up with the Matrix because I wanted something a little bigger than the Echo I had previously.

    Hope the driveway gets done soon or your new car will get all muddy! At least the puddles let you see where the grade isn’t quite right.

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