Chez Paula

So this is my second morning at Paula’s house in Yarmouth.  I’m relaxing and enjoying myself tremendously.  I’ve slept like a log both nights and been awakened to fresh coffee made for me each morning, with a beautiful view for breakfast and a leisurely pace for the day.

There are two cats and a teenage girl here, both of which apparently think I’m frightening.  (Rose asked her mom “When is the scary lady coming?”)  The cats slink by occasionally but I’ve yet to see the teenager.

Yesterday it was foggy in the morning so we went into town to look around.  We saw the craft co-op (there may have been a yarn purchase), the local park, library, marine supply store, visitor info center, and county museum.  There was a woolens shop with a threatening sign in the washroom: “This toilet overflows.  WATCH OUT!”  We had lunch at Rudder’s while we watched the fog burn off in the harbor, before stopping at a local market for fresh strawberries and cream.  The afternoon was spent reading, knitting, and chatting.

A virtual tour of my temporary abode

Comfy Adirondack chairs in the sun.  Note the huge rock outcropping to the left.


The meadow, from the dining room/back deck.

More meadow.  Saw a deer there this morning while drinking my coffee.

Knitting, relaxing, reading corner.

The lily pond.  Eat your heart out, Monet!




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3 responses to “Chez Paula

  1. Laurie

    Sarah, It sounds like you are having a fabulous vacation! Someday, I will be able to take a vacation that is totally about relaxation…Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  2. Ahhh, I love the back deck; maybe I’ll get there mid-August. I hope Rosie got over being “scared” of you! ha ha

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