A Teenager and a Really Big Chair

Yesterday was spent running errands with Paula’s daughter as she got her hair done and prepped for a dance at school in the evening.  This required Rose to actually meet and speak to me, which I hope was not too traumatic for her.  She’s a really nice kid, just unwilling to carry on a conversation with an adult who is not related.  Most conversation seems to be carried on by text.  Fourteen is such a funny age.  I’m so glad I’m done with it.  Way done with it.  In fact, we don’t have to mention how long ago that was.

Running errands is kind of relaxing when they’re not your errands.  And it really points up the little tiny everyday differences between everyday life here and at home.  I now know what blinking green traffic lights mean.  And one day I’m going to have to devote a blog to amusing signage.

In between errands we took a trip to the Cape Forchu lighthouse, about 20 minutes out of town.  It was a beautiful sunny day and out at the end of the peninsula (“drive until the road ends”) it was quite windy.  While we were out there, we had a “mug up” of yummy chocolate chip/banana muffins and Earl Grey tea.

There is an unexplained but HUGE Adirondack chair at the lightstation.

Paula in the big chair.

My turn!  As if I don’t have enough trouble with my feet touching the floor in ordinary chairs.



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3 responses to “A Teenager and a Really Big Chair

  1. Lois

    Love reading your blog. You really have a way with words. AND it helps me keep up with your trip. Sounds like you are having a great time.

  2. LeeAnn

    I’m glad you are having fun! I’m interested to hear more about the blinking green… 🙂

  3. Looks like you’re having a relaxing blast! I enjoy your along the vacation updates, by the way! 🙂 And just to make you feel a little better… at 14, I never found you scary, nor do I now! You’re quite the pleasant lady!!

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