Fine Dining and a Disclaimer

Yesterday we went to Shelburne to eat at what is apparently the best restaurant on this end of the South Shore.  I can’t disagree after eating there.  The scallops are fantastic (and the eggplant picata was wonderful).  Shelburne is this tiny, tiny historical town with a lot of old buildings and a quiet harbor.  That’s about it.  No pictures as I had a bit of a headache.

In fairness, in response to all the comments, I feel like I should note that Paula’s daughter Rose is really a delightful child.  Now that I’ve actually met her I like her a lot.  The “scary lady” comment was an offhand thing that got blown up as a joke as these things do.  I actually like being known as frightening — now if I could just get my students to believe it, I’d be all set!  Rose has to go in for her last half day of school today to pick up her report card.  While she’s doing that, we’re off to the Annapolis Valley with Paula’s friend Ann to play at the fiber store!


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