Ah, Canada!

A Day at the Beach

A huge chunk of this day was spent on the deck, knitting and relaxing.

This afternoon we went to the Fundy Shore to Mavillette Beach.  The water was very cold, even for the wading I did, but I do love the shore, the sand, the sea, the sound of the ocean.  It was an absolutely beautiful day.

Canada Day

Today is Canada Day.  In honor of the country’s 144th birthday, I have compiled a list.

Great Things About Canada:

  • Tim Horton’s
  • Hockey
  • Cars stop on the street to let pedestrians cross [Although this is really a Nova Scotia thing; don’t try it in Toronto]
  • Names like Musquodoboit, Kejimkujik, and Yellowknife
  • It’s huge, the 2nd largest country in the world
  • Newfoundland has a time zone ½ hour off of anywhere else
  • Very cool flag
  • RCMP – The Mounties!
  • National anthem is easily singable
  • Spellings like colour and centre
  • Sarah MacLachlin, Great Big Sea, Nickelback, Barenaked Ladies, Cowboy  Junkies, Neil Young
  • Became a country without shooting people
  • David James Elliot, Mike Myers, Michael J Fox, Dan Ackroyd, Kiefer  Sutherland, William Shatner
  • Warm, friendly people
  • Water everywhere: lakes, rivers, the ocean, the Bay of Fundy, Hudson Bay
  • Eh?


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