The Great Wolfville Adventure

We left the house about 9:30 yesterday to go to Gaspereau Valley Fibres near Wolfville.  This is supposed to be a two and half hour trip or so, allegedly about two hours if Paula’s speedster friend Ann is driving, which she was.  We got to the store around 4:00.  It was a good thing they were open until 5:00.

So here’s the thing I found out about Ann and Paula’s road trips.  They tend to meander.  Which is great, actually, if you are on holiday and have nowhere in particular you have to be at any particular time.  First, we started on “the one,” which is Highway 1, an older road that runs close to shore, like a two lane state highway at home.  We drove that a while before Ann decided it was a waste of time and we might as well be on the big highway because we couldn’t see the scenery anyway because of the fog.  However, this required a slight bit of backtracking.

After rerouting to Highway 101 we stopped in Digby at the Tim Horton’s for coffee and TimBits (aka doughnut holes).  It later proved a good thing to have the fortification of the TimBits since we didn’t actually get lunch until 2:30ish.

The next stop was a beautiful little town called Bear River.  It has buildings on stilts since it’s subject to the tides where the Sissiboo and Bear Rivers meet.

There is a wonderful gallery there called Flight of Fancy, where I could easily have blown a year’s salary on art.

We wandered around a bit, before hitting the road again to Wolfville, which we finally reached after a delay for road construction and a downpour.

We were going to eat at the restaurant at the Grand Pre winery, as they have a reputation for outstanding food, but we got there about 2:10 and they closed at 2:00, of course.  We ended up eating at a small place in Wolfville called The Library.  Wolfville is a college town (Acadia University) so it has that great small restaurant vibe.

The actual fiber store was great.  There was this cool mohair guy out front.

I wanted to take him home and I hadn’t even gotten inside yet.

My search for Fleece Artist was fulfilled (“hand dyed in Canada – one of a kind”).  I picked up two skeins of Trail Socks in a sea and sand colorway.  I also got some Kami Bison from Prince Edward Island in ecru.  And some River John needles, which are birch and made at a sheep farm I visited last time I was in Nova Scotia.

Some good stash enhancement, eh? (As they say around here.)

Then it was back on the road, stopping at T.A.N. coffee in Coldbrook (yum).  Entertained the whole time we were driving by Ann’s stories of being superintendent of schools in rural Nova Scotia.  I laughed until I almost cried about the ferry with the school bus on it going out to sea in spite of the administrative brains in Halifax declaring that’s how things had to be done (children all safe but had a blast missing school).  Or the makeshift school bus/ferry/barge that turned into an ice-covered igloo on the way to the Christmas concert on Tancook Island.  It’s a different world up here, all right.


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