Top Ten Signs I’m Not Over My Vacation Yet

10.  Keep converting the day’s high temperature to Celsius (yes, it’s supposed to be 33C tomorrow).

9.   Accosting friends at a potluck when I hear them mention the words “Nova Scotia.”  [They were talking about cookies.  But the deer-in-the-headlights-look on Brad’s face was funny.]

8.  Longing for a stray lobsterman to come cut down excess foliage in my back yard [okay this is really just that I hate yard work].  [Also thanks to Dad for trimming my maple tree and getting rid of one of my weedy trees while I was gone.]

7.  Throwing “eh?” into the conversation just for fun and to confuse people.

6.  Must keep resisting the urge to leave my car unlocked while running errands.

5.  Wishing I’d bought more Fleece Artist while I could find it.

4.  Beginning to think again that three plane rides and a four-hour drive isn’t really that long.

3.  Wishing I could still sleep with the windows open.

2.  Wanting to reach for toonies when needing small amounts of money.

1.  Drinking my Starbucks from my Timmie’s mug.



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3 responses to “Top Ten Signs I’m Not Over My Vacation Yet

  1. Aw. You sure do miss us!

    As for my stray lobsterman, he fell off a roof last Monday and never made it here. Hopefully after taking it easy for a bit he’ll be back to clean up after me.

  2. bookwoman67

    Ouch. And the fishing’s supposed to be the dangerous job…

  3. I am always waiting for a stray lobster-man to bring me seafood. Sounds like you had a blast on your vacation!!! 3 flight and a 4 hour car ride is not that long….:)

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