Summer is for Wool?

I am having serious difficulty the last couple of days doing much of anything around the house.  Does the ivy need pulled?  Yes.  Does the back yard need cleaned up? Yes.  Does the house need vacuumed?  Yes.  Have I been doing this?  No.

What have I been doing?  Knitting.

It was 95F Monday (35C).  We get a break today as it’s only supposed to get to 88F (31C).  So what have I been knitting with?  Wool.

I don’t normally keep it very cool even when I run the air conditioning, but when I got up Monday it was already so hot and muggy that there was condensation on the windows.

And what is my most recent finished object?  A wool hat.

This is a simple (80 stitch cast on, knit and cable until it looks right, then decrease) pattern I made up as I went along.  [Please note the hat is not too big.  Nobody’s head, if they’re an adult, or at least if they’re an adult in my family, is the size of those head forms.]

I used the Briggs and Little yarn I got at the craft store in Yarmouth.  It was hand dyed by a woman Paula knows, in a color called “Dark Ocean.”  I started it that first Monday in Nova Scotia and finished it last week. Or maybe earlier this week.  It’s summer and the days run together.

Now I’m on to socks.

They’re Ribblemuster in KnitPicks Essential, colorway Meadow Multi.

I will clean the bathroom tomorrow.


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  1. I did a little laugh when I saw that picture of the mannequin with the hat.. hey you could start a new trend… hats covering the eyes anyone? Oh and upon second glance, it’s like a head warmer and nose warmer all in one! I think you’re on to something, Sarah!! 😉 I know it will look lovely on a real human head, though!!

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