Weekend in Michigan: Don’t Mess with the Mitten

It’s supposed to be 99F (37C) here tomorrow and the heat index yesterday was 112F (44C).  71F in Yarmouth today.  I wish those scientists would get to work on that teleporting thing.

I spent this past weekend in Michigan (no teleporting there either, just a five-hour drive with 13 construction zones) visiting my brother and his family.  They live near Grand Rapids.  On Saturday we took the short trip to Holland to the beach at Lake Michigan.

I liked wading in the frigid water while everyone roasted on the sand.

There was a cute lighthouse.

And cute nieces.

Afterward we went into Holland itself and had lunch at the Curragh Irish pub (the nieces love fish and chips) and shopped a little.  There was a yarn shop.

There was sock yarn and a Lantern Moon knitting basket calling my name.

Before I left on Monday, we also went to the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park.  I was really impressed.  They have some big names: Rodin, Miro, Haring, Henry Moore, Louise Nevelson.  The gardens are lovely too.  It would have been wonderful if it hadn’t been about 90 degrees and humid enough to be in a rainforest.

There’s a copy of Leonardo’s Horse.

It’s pretty big.

I really liked Jaume Plensa’s people made out of stainless steel letters.

Keith Haring with pouty (hot, tired and cranky) supermodel.

There’s a Great Lakes Garden with pools for each lake laid out geographically, a mini Niagara Falls, and the area around the lakes labeled as a map.

Finally, there’s Tom Otterness’ Mad Mom, which was here in Indianapolis in front of the state house for a while in 2005.  Now we’ve got another of his works in front of the convention center, but I personally like Mad Mom.  How can you not?  She looks like she belongs there, echoing the t-shirt that said “Don’t mess with the mitten” (that’s Michigan, of course).  As I told my brother, Michigan’s got an attitude.


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