That’s What Happens When You’re Me

[Editorial note:  Sorry for photo quality.  Except for knitting content, it’s all from my (old, cheap) phone.  I need to start toting my actual camera along with me.]

My mom’s always asking what I do at work.  This morning I went in for half a day to get a head start before the kids come back next week.  What did I do?

Well, I climbed up and down the ladder a gazillion times hanging up posters in an attempt to make a former middle school library look more kid friendly.

This is my favorite poster.

I also sent a bunch of e-mails, fixed my printer so it would work, dealt with scheduling, moved a ton of junk out of summer storage, helped the assistant principal with some stuff, and made a very long list of things I still have to do.  Oh yeah, and fixed the blueprints for the upcoming renovation where the architect wanted to remove half our shelving for pretty tables.  Because, no doubt, it looks better to architects.  One friend suggested we just pile the books on the tables.  As my friend Lacy likes to say, “That’s what happens when you’re me.”

Speaking of Lacy, she brought the beautiful child along and met Denise, Holly, and I for breakfast the other day at Petit Chou, one of my favorite places in Broad Ripple.

Baby girl spent almost the whole time giving me this look.

The look that says, “I know you’re Mommy’s friend, but I think you’re strange.”

In knitting news, there’s been more Whitby.

And, you should never trust gauge.  It lies, as Stephanie is always pointing out.  I followed the directions for Absinthe where it says “Continue in stockinette st until piece measures . . .6 inches LESS than desired total foot length.”  Then you are supposed to start the foot chart, and when you finish the chart you are supposed to have the foot and gussets finished, ready for the heel.  Well, I had the beautiful foot and gussets finished . . .

but it was the correct length for my freakish midget feet, not Lacy’s.  Apparently, that’s also what happens when you’re me.

So, now it looks like this and I get to add a couple of inches of stockingette before I do the chart again.

At least it’s beautiful sproingy yarn that’s a joy to work with.

Now, I think what happens when you’re me is that you take a nap.  Because it’s a warm summer afternoon and about the last one where I can.


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