Right Back Where We Started From

Anyone else remember that song from the seventies?

It’s on my workout playlist.  Please observe the above photo was taken before the iPod was dropped on the garage floor face down.

I should have never let it near Paula’s blackberry with the cracked screen.  You know those electronic devices and their peer pressure.

Anyway, that song has been running through my brain lately.   With work.

And with knitting.

I reknit the Absinthe sock right back to where I ripped it out, with the addition of a few more inches.  Then the knitting came to an abrupt halt as the school year started.

However, my mum’s having surgery today.  I’ve spent a lot of time over the past year in hospital waiting rooms and although they’re generally horrible the one thing they are good for is knitting progress.  Hopefully Absinthe will grow apace today.


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