A Severe Case of Second Sock Syndrome

I seem to be stuck on first socks lately.

I’ve finished a plain brown ribbed sock and am ready to cast on the second.

This should go pretty quickly (in theory) as it’s my take-along knitting, requiring very little brain power.  These are for me, as I always need socks.  Heritage Silk (85% Merino, 15% Silk).

There’s a second of the Whitby pair almost halfway done.

They are also portable, but require enough concentration that I can’t read and knit at the same time, which may be the real reason it’s languishing, if I’m honest.

Lacy’s first Absinthe is almost finished. The apparently weird shape of the instep is just the way it’s lying.  Really.

These take some concentration, so require time at home (certain TV, audio books, or podcasts are okay).  Also her feet are bigger than mine.

Also, I seem to have suffered a dramatic reduction in knitting time over the last six weeks.

Finally, observed around town:

That’s some serious squash.



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2 responses to “A Severe Case of Second Sock Syndrome

  1. You’re all set for Odd Sock Day at school! And yes, that is a serious squash-o-rama!

  2. Odd socks are the best! I tend to wear odd ones on purpose! Hehe. They look great xx

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