A Rare Commodity

One of the hardest things to come by these days is enough time.  Fortunately, today is the first day of a four-day weekend, Fall Break.  This morning was time for running around accomplishing numerous errands.

This afternoon I had time for going for a walk in the local park.

It’s a brilliant fall day here, and the path was scattered with beautiful tiny red maple leafs.

Soon it will be time to clean and prep this tired old room for tomorrow . . .

when I’ll hopefully have time to transform it.

And tonight there should be time for knitting!



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2 responses to “A Rare Commodity

  1. Wool skein? That red would make a lovely accent colour!

  2. Denise Hay

    If you are painting the room wool skein, you will love it. With all of the colors SW has, how funny you should choose the same color as we have in our tv room! Although, with the name, I should have known!

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