A Tale of Paint

So the living room’s been done nearly a week and I’m finally getting around to blogging it.  For one thing, my camera doesn’t seem to be working really well [“lens control error!”].  It’s bad enough the camera’s on the blink — it’s has to raise its voice at you as well?  Hence the pictures aren’t high quality (don’t try to enlarge them).  Need to get something done about that.

For another, I remembered why I said I was going to pay someone to do it the next time I wanted something painted!

First, you have to take as much as possible out of the room.  This means putting it somewhere else in a very small house.

A small benefit of this is that all the cat’s hiding places are revealed and cat toys missing for ages have been rediscovered.  Ha, you little hoarder!

Then you have to tape off all the trim.  This itself took several hours.

Partway through you may have to actually sleep, or call the painting on account of darkness.

Then, when you’ve finished with two coats all around, you have to do the cleanup.

Perhaps this is a job best left to the professionals.

The end result is rather fresh and clean and definitely brighter, however.



I might want to re-mat some of my pictures to stand out against the new color, but I think I’ll just collapse with some knitting for a while first.



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2 responses to “A Tale of Paint

  1. Well done! That looks very nice and bright. And I’m sure Lady Jane is delighted to see all the “new” toys. If only they didn’t require quite so much energy…

  2. Denise Hay

    I really like how light the room looks. I need to come see it in person!

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