The Saga of the Socks

Today my friend Lacy got  her birthday socks.  It has been a long, long process, my friends.

A large chunk of the time the socks looked like this:

April 5: Lacy’s birthday.  Sometime shortly before or after this I took her to Broad Ripple Knits, where she picked out Malabrigo Sock yarn in the colorway Eggplant.

End of July:  Lacy finally selects a pattern, Absinthe, and gives me her feet measurements.

Beginning of August:  I cast on her socks, from the toe up.  I can’t wait to whip these two out and get them to her.  She will be so impressed! [Hubris. Bad.]

First week of August:  I knit the foot and instep pattern, then discover the gauge has lied, giving me a foot that fits me, not my six-foot tall friend.  I rip it out and have another go.

August 17 – September 24:  I am finished with the foot, have Lacy try it on, discover I have overcompensated and made it a tad too long.  Rip out about ten rows.  Reknit, move on to the heel and turn, knit the leg.  Get extremely busy with life. Finally finish first sock.

October through November 14:  Life is busy. Cast on second sock.  Finish second sock.  Thrilled!  Go to block.  Not so thrilled.  Seems tighter than first.  Discover I knit it on needles a size smaller than the first sock.  Vow not to leave so much time between socks again.  Rip it out.  Lacy tells me to forget it and buy socks.  I WILL NOT LET THESE SOCKS DEFEAT ME!!  Reknit on right needles.

November 15:  Present Lacy with birthday socks.  They fit.  I may have very little control over much in my life, but I was going to beat these socks into submission!  Besides, I always end up thinking the end result is worth it.  Here’s hoping the (former) birthday girl does as well.


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  1. Phew! That was a hard-won battle, but you certainly showed those socks who is the boss of your knitting, and there are still almost 5 months before Lacy’s next birthday. Congratulations!

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