Wrapping It Up

Super-fast post here as I’m finishing up with so much right now.  Last gifts, last wrappings, last school day with kids (Wednesday).

My mother / daughter sock gifts are done.  Both are from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks book and are patterns with really easy (in other words, fast) repeats.

Denise has the garter rib sock in KnitPicks Stroll Blue Topaz.

Like me she is a size five foot so they were a breeze to knit!

Michelle’s were the Openwork Rib pattern in Heritage Silk in a green.

She too has a perfectly reasonable foot size.

I found these cute little boxes shaped like Chinese takeout containers that are perfect for wrapping socks in.

Tuck in the ball band for washing instructions and you are all set!



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5 responses to “Wrapping It Up

  1. Love the little packages! And I’m sure the recipients will be very pleased with those awesome socks.

  2. LeeAnn

    I take offense to you referring to “reasonable foot sizes.” I can only imagine how you were muttering when you knitted my socks for my bithday! Well, I love them anyway. Even if they were knitted with rage. 🙂
    PS i used those same containers to package up some small goodies for some teachers at school!

    • bookwoman67

      Actually, when I said reasonable I wasn’t thinking of you at all! Yours were a pretty easy pattern so they didn’t seem too hard. Not to mention any names, but see the earlier Saga of the Socks post . . . 🙂

  3. Denise Hay

    We love our socks Sarah! Now all other socks don’t feel so great. I also think you chose the perfect colors for us. Merry Christmas and happy flying!

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