Christmas on the Wasatch Front

My parents, uncle, and I spent the holiday in Salt Lake City with my sister.  I’m not the best photographer of family gatherings, as I tend to hang out with the people more than I take pictures.  A general chorus of groans is the usual response to the appearance of a camera amidst our group, so what people pictures I have are blurry phone images.

Jenny’s dog Liz continues her quest for the perfect nap.

We saw the ice sculptures at the entrance to the hospital where my sister works.  They’ve been carving them for almost 30 years.

We had a great meal at a cool restaurant as a gift from my brother and his family.

There were mountains everywhere.  You can see them from my sister’s kitchen window, waiting at the airport, and driving up the canyons.

Oh yeah, there was yarn, of course.  But that’s a story for next time.


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