Ice Hockey, Edwardian England, and MLK

What on earth do those things have in common?  Knitting time!

Detroit vs. Chicago on Saturday (Red Wings won in overtime), a marathon of Downton Abbey Sunday night, and Monday off all led to rapid headway on my new work in progress.

It’s Alata from  The color’s a little off as it’s a flash photo after dark, but it’s a heather green.  It’s in KnitPick’s Stroll worsted weight, which is soft and yummy.

In the realm of items I’d finished earlier and never blogged, there’s a scarf for my 2nd grade friend Ali.

I should have had her model it, it matches her brown and pink coat and her beautiful smile!

For other friends, there’s legwarmers,

hats (plain and boring, as guys like them),

and handwarmers, oh my!

And for me, it’s wondering where does the time go as tomorrow is Wednesday already!


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