And Now for Something Completely Different

So my art-teacher friend Lacy got me a painting class for Christmas.  It’s sort of like paint-by-numbers without the outline already on the canvas; everyone in the class does the same painting by following the instructor.  Great art?  Absolutely not.  Fun and addicting?  Absolutely.  I’m already signed up for another class this Friday.

Lacy and Holly came along for the evening, making me the least qualified of the three musketeers to attempt any artistic endeavor.

Me:  I like your trees.
Holly:  Thanks.  I have an art degree.
Holly:  I like your trees.
Me:  Thanks.  I don’t have an art degree.

Equal opportunity kitsch.



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3 responses to “And Now for Something Completely Different

  1. I like it a lot. And your sig at the bottom. That would make you Slip Slip Wright, right?

  2. Denise Hay

    What a fun time for you. Keep in mind the older paint-by-numbers are becoming collector items now. Who knows, in thirty years, your painting could be sold at an antique store for quite a bit of money!
    Enjoy yourself!

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