Rose by Any Other Name

There has been a severe loss of knitting mojo lately.  I’d like to say it’s been brought on by, oh, maybe the conjunction of pre-spring break malaise,  I-STEP testing, a full moon, and non-stop fifth grade musical practice, but general lethargy must have its due as well.  I’ve finally made some progress, however.  I’ve been working on mittens in the Rockin’ Rose colorway of Fiber Optic sock yarn I got in Salt Lake at Christmas.  The pattern is Knitty’s Ailbe, but I think I’ll just call them my rose mittens.

Coincidentally they match my new down coat perfectly, even though I hadn’t ordered it yet when I bought the yarn.

In other news, I took my favorite three-year-old to her first hockey game Friday night.

One of the gems the ice princess shared with me was “You’re crazy, but I love you.”  Her mum thought this was hysterical.

Also in the realm of calling things by new names, she decided she would call me Al.


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