Winging It

The hats and scarves are done, despite nearly running out of time and a total lack of comprehension of the directions for the hat decreases (brioche strikes again).  Since that portion of the book had the following helpful quote right there on the page,

I decided to do my best intuitively and ended up getting it done in a more or less acceptable manner.

One set for Purdue:

One set for the Air Force:

One set of handsome graduates:

Now it’s a mad dash to complete my to-do list before I leave town early Thursday morning . . .




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4 responses to “Winging It

  1. krista wright

    Was it painful to make the Purdue one?

    • bookwoman67

      Haha, well, considering I did go there for part of a semester, I managed to survive. It wasn’t easy, though.

  2. yarnsmith

    Those decreases look great!
    I have a long to-do list too and that day-job thing is getting in the way!
    Unless you have an EZ Pass, you will need lots of small money for tolls. Good luck with your list!

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