Saddle Up My Traveling Shoes

I feel like for the last three weeks I’ve been chasing deadlines like Takuma Sato chasing Dario Franchitti.  Sometimes as successfully.

Not everything got finished.  For example, the ivy bed still is full of weeds which will thrive for the next few weeks.  The kitchen floor did not get mopped.  These get filed under “oh well.”

But finally, I have:

  • a more or less clean house
  • a checked-over Honda with a fresh oil change
  • a current allergy shot
  • coins for tolls
  • vacuumed tumbleweeds dust bunnies
  • everything packed except for last minute morning stuff
  • and hopefully (since it’s the most important on the list) a joyful wonder at God’s beautiful world and gratitude that I get to explore it

I got my car last June.  If all goes well I’m about to put half again the current mileage on the odometer, starting first thing in the morning.




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2 responses to “Saddle Up My Traveling Shoes

  1. Steve Rock

    Wow, only 7197 miles since last June? You really do need to get out and drive; go work that little Honda! Wherever you travel and whatever you do, enjoy the constantly changing panorama that will unfurl before you and most importantly of all; drive safe.

  2. yarnsmith

    See you on the flip side!

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