If This is Tuesday, It Must Be Yarmouth

It’s been a long, strange journey since Rochester!  Arrived in Waterville, Maine, Friday night to find Paula and Ann waiting for me.  We had dinner at a wonderful Mexican Restaurant / sculpture garden / movie theater.  There are photos of the sculptures, but they are on Ann’s camera.  Let’s just say it wasn’t my most organized weekend.

After that it was the Maine Fiber Frolic in Windsor, interspersed with a quick trip to Halcyon Yarns in Bath.  It was cold and rainy, so I was glad, glad, glad I had spent half a day finding my new hot pink rain boots.  I took a wet felting class with Paula and liked the result.

Note that even indoors at the workshops Paula had her coat on!

I really liked my end product.   At Halcyon, which is was the biggest yarn store I’ve ever seen (!), I got some more fiber to felt future projects.  I would have liked to spend more time in Bath, it was such a neat town, but as it was we had abandoned Ann and they were closing up the fair for the day when we got back to her.

Sunday night we had dinner with a friend of Paula’s in Exeter, New Hampshire, then on Monday it was off to the races. (Very wet races; it rained just about the entire day both Sunday and Monday.  I thought we would need an ark before long.)

From Exeter we went north to Dorr Mills in Newport for Ann to buy wool for her business, then back south and on to Kennebunk, Maine, for more business purchases.  Lunch and on to Falmouth for an errand for Ann’s husband, back to Waterville to pick up my car, and north to the border and St. John, New Brunswick, for the ferry to Nova Scotia and the hour drive to Yarmouth.  Although I slept most of the three hours on the ferry, falling asleep to the sound of the NHL playoffs on the tv (what else is going to be on tv on a Canadian ferry?), I was thrilled to arrive at 3:15 am and fall into bed.

These guys are my bunkmates.  Think I could sneak them home with me?

Today is for nothing but laundry, knitting, and quite possibly some napping.


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