How to Spend Summer Vacation Doing Practically Nothing

1.  Get up and drink coffee made by someone else (thanks Paula!).

2. Spend the morning watching the sun dance on the pond and knitting on the Enormous Stealth Project (ESP).  No pictures for obvious reasons.

3.  Go run an errand in town and eat at the local greasy spoon.  Indulge in large brownie sundae for dessert.

4. Spend the afternoon on the deck knitting.

Paula:  “It’s almost warm enough not to be cold.”  Actually, it got quite toasty in the sun.

5.  Knit three mice to be felted and stuffed for an auction.  Catnip goes inside.

Paula wrote the pattern for these and they’re brilliant.

6.  Get up at some point and move around the yard to avoid sleep.  Take pictures of the beautiful surroundings.




7.  Try to catch Paula’s cats, Lennon and Marx, on camera.  Lennon’s still a little skittish.

Gotcha, Marx!

8.  Eat dinner at the local seafood place, Rudder’s.

What a wonderful day!


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