And We’re Off . . . Again

Yesterday was for a trip to Cape Forchu, lunch at the Mug Up, and another big chair picture.

Kind of a bummer that it was foggy and gray this time around.

After that there was a drive up the Acadian shore from Yarmouth to Weymouth on the Evangeline Trail (Highway 1).

The sun came out.  It was absolutely beautiful and I was kind of sorry to swing inland to the 101 to Wolfville where I joined “Alias Smith and Jones” again at the Old Orchard Inn.

This morning Paula and Ann went to their garden club stuff while I went to the farmers’ market in town, then strolled the shops on Main Street.  After a trip to Gaspereau Valley Fibres (yes, there was a yarn incident involving Fleece Artist), we celebrated International Yarn Bombing Day.

Yes, there is such a thing. [Note: all yarn “grafitti” is removable and does no harm to the surroundings.]

Yes, today is it.

We were out and about searching for statues to adorn at the local university.  What kind of university doesn’t have statues?  This one.

So, we ended up tagging a parking meter with a bow tie and a bicycle rack with a cozy.

“Pay no attention.  Nothing to see here.”

My favorite was the fish we tied to a bridge in the garden.  I can just imagine the surprise when people come across it.

Planned for tomorrow:  on to the Land of All Things Anne (Prince Edward Island).



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4 responses to “And We’re Off . . . Again

  1. Ann

    You forgot to mention it is also the start of INTERNATIONAL KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY! ….. Jones

  2. Denise Hay

    Everything looks beautiful (even though you seem to be getting some of our needed rain!) I would love to see a picture of you getting up on that big chair! Miss you!

    • bookwoman67

      Great to hear from you! Would love to send you the rain. Sunny today, though. Yes, the chair was a challenge! Miss you too, can’t wait to come back and relate my adventures to you.

      Take care, Sarah

  3. Jenny

    Glad to see you are making the bike rack “cozy.”

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