Warning: Opinion Ahead

So here we are on Prince Edward Island.  It’s a nice place.  I like it.

I might caution against coming here looking for Lucy Maud Montgomery’s PEI, however.  In her Anne of Green Gables books and other writings the author waxes lyrical about the beauty of the island over and over.  And over.  I haven’t studied the context of her work, but I’m guessing that even at the time it was published it might have been taken as an ode to an idyllic but vanishing way of life and place.  I enjoyed the books.

I’m also enjoying being here.  However, don’t come looking for the superlatives of L.M.’s books.  It’s a pretty place, but personally I like Nova Scotia’s views better.  Although this is a relatively small island, most of the roads are through fields and any ocean views are blocked by trees.  Fields I can get at home, of which a lot of the views are strangely reminiscent, even though they grow potatoes rather than corn.   But the famous PEI red dirt is present in abundance!  It’s ubiquitous.

None of this has stopped the tourism industry here from taking the Anne myth and running with it.  Apparently there’s not a lot of other employment here, so tourism reigns supreme.  As soon as you get off the Confederation Bridge (a pretty awesome experience itself) you are greeted by the Gateway Village.  This is the “stop and buy a souvenir even though you haven’t seen anything or done anything yet” place.   Of course there’s a statue of Anne.

The food at our B&B does deserve a heap of superlatives.  We are staying at the Black Fox Manor near Lower Newtown.

Last night’s five course meal began with coconut shrimp and ended with German chocolate cake.  This morning’s fruit compote, stuffed French toast, and bacon has left us suitably fortified for our trek to Belfast Mini Mills.


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