A Fuzzy Fast Blur

Catching up while laundry is drying here in Fredericton.  That’s the capital of New Brunswick for my American friends.

Wait, wasn’t I in Prince Edward Island?  On Prince Edward Island?  Something?  Yes, I was definitely just somewhere else.  One thing about this vacation, it’s been full of motion.  Next time I’m picking a place and staying for a while.

Let’s see, I believe it’s Thursday.  Tuesday we crossed the island, proving in the flesh several of Paula’s claims:

  • It’s hard to tell you’re on an island.  (Most of the roads are inland through red dirt fields or trees.)
  • Charlottetown, the capital, takes about ten minutes to drive through.  We saw a cruise ship in port that was almost the biggest “building” in town.
  • You really need a navigator because the junctions come up very quickly in such a small place, requiring an incredible map memory otherwise.
  • You also really need a navigator with a map because there is a strange habit of placing the road signs after the turn.  Apparently this is to confirm you are on the right road once you have guessed whether to turn.  One set of oral directions said to “turn at the Tims” (this is a frequent direction in Canada; it’s Tim Hortons).  I about fell out of the car laughing when the Tims appeared after the turn.

On our way across the island we stopped in Victoria by the Sea.

Then we stopped at Summerside, the island’s second town.  Even there a lot of things on PEI aren’t open for the season yet, which really starts this weekend.  Wow, kinda blows the mind of a Hoosier girl where it’s been 90F already and my summer break is about half over!

Ann and her friend Barb had been at a rug hooking class on the other side of the island, so we met them in New London at a pottery, where we knit in the garden while waiting.

It was on to Alberton for the night, where we ate at the dockside restaurant – evidence of island-ness!

We stayed at a B&B with nice gardens and the next morning had the “great car repacking” as we were about to go our separate ways.

First there was time for a visit to this guy’s crazy place.

My favorite was the fox in the hen house!  Real hen house, real hens.

A stop at the MacAusland’s Woolen Mill and Ann’s car looked like this.  I was much more restrained; I bought a blanket.

Lunch in O’Leary, then I was on to Fredericton.  Today it’s north to Quebec.  Je me souviens!


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