7 Extremely Random Things

Summer break – very needed and very random.

1. Took my dad to his  Rusty Wallace racing experience.

You know that old quote about the only difference between men and boys being the cost of their toys! 🙂

2.  When I came back from my fiber acquisition trip vacation I went to organize and put away my new stuff.  Suddenly I discovered WIPs in my work basket I had long forgotten.  “What?  I was working on that?” So I finished the Citron that was on the needles.

Made with Araucania Ruca Multi (yep, yarn from sugarcane).  Perfect for those overly air conditioned places in the summer.

3.  Also in the basket, a pair of socks that were really, really close to being finished.

The openwork rib pattern (my go-to socks) from Charlene Schurch’s Sensational Knitted Socks in KnitPicks Stroll Midnight Heather.

4. Going to fold the towels, I discovered one of my dishcloths had died.

Don’t you hate it when that happens?  So I whipped out a new one in Lanaknits Hemp for Knitting.  I much prefer the loose drape of the hemp to the dishcloth cotton.  My apologies to Ann and Kay for such blasphemy.

I chose the brown hemp this time, to match the vegetation around here.

The temperature has been hovering near or over 100 degrees for a couple of weeks and we’ve had barely any rain for a month.  While that picture of my grass means I don’t have to pay to have it mowed, overall this is not a good thing.  The poor corn in the fields is pathetically shriveled; I don’t know what all the farmers are going to do.

5.  There’s nothing like being away and then coming back to let you look at your place with new eyes.  For the last two weeks or so I’ve been furiously cleaning and organizing the house.  I’m talking cleaning out closets, taking down and washing curtains, dusting the tops of ceiling fans, cleaning baseboards – you name it.  I don’t think it’s been this clean since I moved in 9+ years ago.  Next on the list, the basement (ugh).

6.  Note to self:  coffee at 7 a.m.: good.  Coffee at 7 p.m.:  bad.

7.  Given number 4 (the weather) through number 6, plus the fact that it’s a national holiday, I think I have earned a good sit-down inside with some knitting and an audiobook.  The Enormous Stealth Project continues and I’m off to work on it.


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  1. Mom

    Love the #2. Mom

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