Not-So-Extreme Makeover, Home Edition


Back in October I started with this living room.

Over fall break I painted it.  Lacy donated two chairs and last week there was a trip to the Ikea store with Denise and Michelle.

On Wednesday, Denise and Lacy and I tore apart the house, put together the new furniture, and moved a lot of the old.

The little Ikea instruction guy recommends two people put together the sofa.

He doesn’t say what to do if your helper tries to bury you under it.

Eventually we wrestled it together succeeded.


Then the office became the bedroom.

The futon from the basement moved into the former bedroom

and it became the guest room / office.

Finally, the basement.  Before:

Before the Great Ikea Trip, I put down carpet squares.  With a long table, bookcases, and lamps from Ikea, it became my craft room.

A place I can leave the sewing machine set up and spread out my work.

With an idea board.

And a distressed and decoupaged shelf.  Perfect to hold my knitting WIP bags so they’re not stuck hanging on the back of the kitchen chairs.

Now when things get hairy at work this year I have a perfect retreat at home.

And today, the icing on the cake.

Thanks Dad!

I truly have been very blessed this summer.

Someone else is pretty satisfied with it all as well.



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8 responses to “Not-So-Extreme Makeover, Home Edition

  1. Ah, the venerable Poang. Best knitting chair ever. And I love your long craft table. What is its proper Ikea nomenclature? Great job on the whole house! I would say you had a very productive summer break indeed. Oh, and thanks for sending the peg.

    • bookwoman67

      Lacy donated the Poangs on permanent loan because her husband said “get them out of the house NOW!” (Space issue.) They are very comfy but I need the footstool because they are so deep and I am so, er, vertically challenged.

      Other Ikea items: Sandby sofa in brown, Billy bookcase, Benno dvd tower, Not lamps (the name cracks me up), PS Fangst hanging storage, and of course the Vika Amon / Vika Adils 78.75″ (200 cm) table.

      And there is the added benefit that now Paula has a guest room if she ever comes to stay!

  2. Denise Hay

    Sarah, you know I love the changes in your home. Love your bedroom. Nice that one can see it from the living room. Of course, I am a wee bit jealous of your craft room. I am inspired!

    • bookwoman67

      Of course, now that you can see it from the living room, the bed must be made every day . . . (wait, you mean I didn’t always do that?)

      • Denise Hay

        Yes, but just think how making your bed with that lovely wool blanket will put a smile on your face!

  3. Denise Hay

    …and sorry for dropping the couch on you!

  4. Michelle Hay

    I hadn’t seen this yet! All looks so nice! Your IKEA purchases fit perfectly! Now, I must visit it in person sometime! 🙂

    • bookwoman67


      You are welcome to come in person anytime — at least you won’t drop a sofa on me like your mother! 🙂

      Hope all is well for you and you are thriving there at IU. I miss you!

      Love, Sarah

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