Play Time

Yesterday I got to work in some sewing time, some felting time, and some knitting time.  In other words, fun time!

My grocery bag holder I’d knitted a few years ago was coming apart at the edges.

So I went into my scrap piles to sew one and found an embroidery project I vaguely remember starting as kid.  This thing must have been over 30 years old!

I think from the markings on it for seams I had been meaning to make it a purse or pillow (something square).  I found some other fabric that came from who-knows-where to add length, sewed it up, and finished the embroidery.

I’m not usually a “country blue” and calico type, but it looks okay hanging in the stairwell around the corner from the litter box where I can easily grab the grocery bags.

I also felted some dryer balls.

These came mostly from yarn left over from the Christmas hats.

They’re a little small (the balls, not the hats) but I can always add felt to them if they’re not working.

Finally, the BIG NEWS:  the Enormous Stealth Project is finished!!!!!  No pictures as yet because I still have to wrap it and gift it before it comes out of stealth mode.  Stay tuned.


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One response to “Play Time

  1. yarnsmith

    OMG! I can’t believe It’s done. Congratulations!

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