Enormous Stealth Project Revealed (At Last)

Dear Michelle,

This was supposed to be a graduation present, of course.  Then a going-away gift.  But as it has worked out it can be both of those as well as a house-warming offering for your new room.

I’ve tried to put a bit of love and adventure in every stitch.  This afghan has been knitted on during a rainy day at a Maine fairgrounds.  It was a pillow for me on a ferry across Fundy Bay.  It even spent some time in the Ottawa jail (hostel).  Most of it, though, was knit during the hottest, driest Indiana summer on record.

I hope you can add your own memories to it during your wonderful time in college.  Use it for comfort, for warmth, and just for a splash of color.  Go bravely forward into life but always keep your faith in God, friends, and family.

P.S.  Lady Jane made sure there are cat hairs knit into it so that you won’t miss Mookie too much!


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One response to “Enormous Stealth Project Revealed (At Last)

  1. Michelle Hay

    You shoulda wrapped the lil kitty up too, she’d look so nice in my dorm room 😉 I love, love, looooove my special gift. Will be forever loved and treasured!

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