“I Don’t Remember That Brain Being There.”

This weekend Denise and I took her daughter Michelle back to IU after a couple of days in Speedway.  I was waxing nostalgic as we were driving around campus when I spotted a glittery brain statue on the south side of Third Street.  I said, “I don’t remember that brain being there.”

Apparently there is a town-wide art installation, inspired by the Chicago Cow Parade, that features 22 brain statues decorated in a variety of ways.  You can read about it here.  I thought this was way cool, especially when we were stumbling around Fountain Square Mall on the square looking for Yarns Unlimited and came around a corner.  “There’s another brain,” I said.  Then “It’s a knitted one!”

I think it made Michelle’s day to hear someone get that excited about a knitted brain.



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