In Which I Use Other People’s Photos

Yes.  Other people’s photos and great models to make my blog look good.  Like you haven’t done it?

First up is Holly, wearing her Incognito.  I’m assuming her husband Chris took this one, unless five-week-old Ryan has some incredible skillz we haven’t heard about yet.


Additional, gratuitous baby picture of Ryan:


(Pulling out all the stops today.)  Plus I counted at least 3 hand-knit or crocheted blankets that kid has (note one in background).

I also asked my friend Michelle, who is a great photographer, to send me pictures of herself and her mom wearing their Christmas gifts.


It’s the wonderful Honey Cowl, made ubiquitous by Kay and her legions of followers.

Michelle’s just happened to wind up in one of her school colors.


Now, I’m almost to the point where I can begin a project for myself again.  Either that or get a jump on this year’s holiday knitting.



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