Road Trip

I love road trips.  I like to drive and I even like driving by myself.  So heading out into the sunrise at twenty after six this morning was a good thing.  Eight hours later I was ready to be finished, however.  This was all because of the Neighboring State.  The Neighboring State that went on and on and on, full of orange construction barrels and scenery just like home.  And more construction barrels.  And more soybean fields. And more construction barrels.

Eventually, however, Lake Erie came into sight.  To me this signaled a change of scene, the real beginning of a new place, and the start of adventure.  Just east of Buffalo I spotted the first Tim’s sign I’d seen in a year, followed by an overpass with yarn bombing on its fence.  Things were definitely looking up.

Now I’m settled in for the night in the Genesee Valley, I’ve found a local coffee and panini shop just across the parking lot from my hotel for supper, and I’ve got a date with my Kindle and an early bedtime


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  1. OMG, Sarah, you’re becoming a Nova Scotian-Canadian! [The Tim’s sighting.] Before you came to West Jeddore, had you visited canada? Or longed to? So sweet.

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