The Longest Day

Appropriately for the summer solstice, this has been a very long day.  Therefore, I’m going to keep this fairly short.  Also, the internet here at the hotel is S..L..O..W.

Let me just say I love the New York Thruway.  It shot me from Rochester to Albany in no time with no traffic trouble and great service stops.  Worth every penny.

Since I hate Boston traffic, I went north of Albany and through the Green Mountains of Vermont (I’d have a picture if I’d remembered to put my camera cord where I could get to it).  Then I cut over to Portsmouth, NH, and shot up to Maine.  I’m staying just north of Augusta and have to get up early in the morning to catch the noon ferry in St. John, New Brunswick.  Almost there!


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  1. That sounds like the perfect routing! Have a great time with Paula; maybe we can meet this year in Wolfville!

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