Little School on the Island

One of the reasons we went to Tancook was Ann and Paula thought I’d like to see the island’s school.  It is often billed as “one of the last remaining one-room schoolhouses in Canada.”  Currently there are only five students, in grades K through 5.  After that the students take a one-hour ferry ride each way to school on the mainland.


The school is actually more than one room, but one teacher / principal is still responsible for everything.  The building sits next to the island recreation center and volunteer firehouse and emergency services building.

There’s the entryway / foyer . . .


and a classroom


which contains the library.


There’s the other room where there is one-to-one computing (something most schools dream about).


The computer room is also the music room


where the Christmas pageant items are stored (the wise men are stock characters as there are not enough students to play them).


Being sent to “the office” would only take a few steps . . . but there would be no one there if Ms. S. is already in the classroom!


It was an unforgettable visit — as I am sure it’s an unforgettable experience for the students.

Many thanks to Elizabeth Sutherland for welcoming me to Big Tancook Elementary School, as well as Lesley & Peter Stephens and Hillary Dionne for their island hospitality.


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