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World Enough and Time

Ah, my Nova Scotian home-away-from home.


Time to slow down.  Listen to birdsong.  Walk the dog down a dusty country lane.  See a doe and twin fawns frolicking in the field across the road.  Knit, talk, and drink good coffee.  To just enjoy.






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In Which I Use Other People’s Photos

Yes.  Other people’s photos and great models to make my blog look good.  Like you haven’t done it?

First up is Holly, wearing her Incognito.  I’m assuming her husband Chris took this one, unless five-week-old Ryan has some incredible skillz we haven’t heard about yet.


Additional, gratuitous baby picture of Ryan:


(Pulling out all the stops today.)  Plus I counted at least 3 hand-knit or crocheted blankets that kid has (note one in background).

I also asked my friend Michelle, who is a great photographer, to send me pictures of herself and her mom wearing their Christmas gifts.


It’s the wonderful Honey Cowl, made ubiquitous by Kay and her legions of followers.

Michelle’s just happened to wind up in one of her school colors.


Now, I’m almost to the point where I can begin a project for myself again.  Either that or get a jump on this year’s holiday knitting.


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Somehow This Keeps Happening

Falling behind on  my posts, I mean.

First, I’ve been in stealth mode because the knitting has been all about gifts lately.  Then, I’ve been in rush, rush, rush mode to finish out the knitting, the school semester, and the holidays.  But now I’d better take the opportunity of this last little bit of free time before I go back to work on Monday to get caught up.

The first week in December was Holly’s school baby shower.  Although I’d already knit her a stuffed dog (see previous post), I had to have something useful to give at the shower, right?  So enter Orange Flower’s Garter Rib Baby Blanket.

Even though I spilled coffee on it at one point during the knitting, it came out of its bath fine and worked up nice and soft in the end.



[Note, the top picture is more accurate for color; the bottom was taken at night in bad lighting.]

Also early in December was our school secretary’s birthday.  She’d been coveting my handwarmers, so you can guess what she got.


I think she’s pretty happy with them.


Finally, almost all of my knitting time between Thanksgiving and Christmas was spent on this gorgeous pink stuff.


It’s KnitPicks Shine Worsted in Blush and it became this, Angela Hahn’s Primrose Path for my mom’s Christmas present.


That’s about it.  Oh, except for a couple of Honey Cowls, which I’ll have pictures of if a certain college student remembers to take them.  And some leg warmers if a certain mom remembers to take the picture.  And a couple of other things, which should be finished soon . . .  (Wait, I was supposed to be caught up?!?!)

In the mean time, Happy New Year to you and yours.


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