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The Fabulous, Wonderful, Really-Good, Very Great Day

Today qualifies as completely satisfactory.  It’s the kind of day you think of having when you think of vacation.  Well, the kind of day you think of having if you’re a fiber fanatic like me.

I think I want to run away from home to work in a fiber mill.  Hazel at Belfast Mini Mills gave us the tour.

I could hardly keep my hands off all the fabulous stuff.

There were all kinds of cute animals as well.

We stayed until past two o’clock, talked to the equipment guys, drank tea, bought things, and ended up loading a warping reel that Paula bought into the back of my Honda Fit.  (It has something to do with a loom.  Don’t ask.)

After that there was a drive down a red dirt road to visit a potter and another drive out to the Point Prim lighthouse.  All through perfect weather and brilliant sunshine.

Someone even left us a picture in the sand at the lighthouse which about sums it up.


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Spring What?

This is supposed to be vacation, I think.  I’ve been pretty busy.  My mom said the other day she hadn’t seen my blog in a while and I told her I hadn’t blogged in a while.  I am about ready to take a break, whether the to-do list is finished or not.  I’ve taken a pretty good run at it:

  • complete and file tax return
  • renew passport
  • whole morning worth of errands
  • put away winter clothes
  • clean out closets
  • take cleaned out stuff to Goodwill
  • unclog drain
  • clean air return vent grill and bathroom fan (ick, ick, ick)
  • clean garbage disposal (ick again)
  • recaulk tub
  • planning for summer trip
  • mending
  • car wash
  • computer stuff for work
  • grade papers

What’s not done will have to wait at this point.  (Notice what comes in last.)

I’m working on a stealth knitting project right now for Lacy — her birthday is today.  It’s not finished, but hopefully won’t take anywhere nearly as long as the infamous socks.

And I’ve left the spinning wheel in the corner for far too long.

I feel like it’s just lurking there, waiting.

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Merrily Posting Randomly

It must be some kind of record, posting three days in a row.  Not that there is much order to this one.

Item One:  Spinning

I did finish my handful of fiber.  The color is much more accurate in the close-up.

That’s about 300 yards of a merino/alpaca mix.

Item Two:  Still Life By Feline

I came home one day a while ago to find the cat had arranged her prey on her new favorite toy just so.  Is she sharing the catnip scratcher with the mouse or using it as a dinner plate?

Item Three:  Leftover Chunky Yarn

When I was designing the smurf hats, I picked up a skein of blue Lion Brand Hometown USA.  I had thought to maybe use it as a trim or something.  On Saturday, before all this weather madness, I cast on and cranked out a pair of handwarmers instead.

They’re the Chunky Chunk Gloves and only took a couple of hours.

Item Four:  Return to Normalcy

Forget Warren Harding.  Can we just go back to work tomorrow?  Please?

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