How to Plant a Canoe

Step 1:  Designate oneself the official photojournalist of this endeavor so that one’s know dislike of bugs, dirt, sweat, and general yard work is not brought too much to the fore.

Step 2: Find an old canoe sitting around full of stagnant water.  It can be a beautiful pink / purpley color for added effect.



Step 2: Drill holes in the canoe to drain out the water. (Or rather Ann and I stand around cheering while Paula drills the holes . . . “great work, way to go!”)



Step 3: Turn the canoe over to empty remaining water.


Step 4: Fill bottom of boat with empty bottles for future drainage.


Step 5:  Just add dirt!


Step 6:  Plant stuff.  In this case red and white petunias and canna lilies.  The cannas will be the ”people” sitting in the canoe.  Pretty clever, eh?



Step 7:  Admire the results!



Step 8: Eat BLTs for lunch on the deck.

Step 9:  Take a nap and make reservations at Bread and Olives for supper.

Because, to quote the Nova Scotian provincial song, “For it’s early in the morning I am bound far away.”


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