A Lot of Driving Today

Drove the North Shore to Yarmouth this afternoon.  Stopped at Annapolis Royal about halfway to take a little break and stretch the legs.  Roamed around Fort Anne, which was very windy and peaceful and quiet.

There’s not much there: a graveyard, some cannons, and a lot of earthworks, as well as a reproduction of officers’ quarters.

Really the only original structure besides the earthworks is the powder magazine.

Right on the Bay of Fundy, it must have been a lonely, lonely posting.

There was this HUGE cat roaming around town that makes Lady Jane look petite.  (I miss her.)

After much driving around Yarmouth county finally found Paula’s house.  Thanks a lot, Google maps.

Bonus:  How to tell you’re in Canada

  1. Curling club signs along the highway
  2. Canadian flags everywhere
  3. Car rental place at Halifax Airport has so few people from Indiana use their cars, they don’t have a code for us.  They put me down as from India.
  4. Hitting scan on the radio gets you four French speaking stations in a row.

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