Holidaze (or I’m a Nerd and Proud of It)

What a week that’s just past!  Except for fighting a cold (least said about that the better), I had a pleasant and interesting holiday.

Wacky Weather

Monday (Dec. 22) it was 2°F when I got up with wind chill in the negative two digits.  Tuesday we had freezing rain and ice covered roads.  My mum fell on the icy driveway and broke her arm and our 20 minute trip to my grandmothers turned into a 30 mph crawl.  Boxing Day was foggy.  Saturday it got up to 67° F.  Sunday we had incredible winds.  Today, thankfully, is brilliantly sunny and in the 40s.


Tuesday was the extended family gathering at my grandparents, except that it wasn’t very extended since the weather prevented a lot of people from showing up.  My mother did give my cousin Teresa her high school graduation gift — a homemade quilt.  I get my crafty genes honestly.









My cousin Taylor (far right) looks just as thrilled as any 15 year old boy would be to be pressed into service for modeling of the quilt.

Thursday was the day my parents, uncle, and I exchanged gifts.

Gifts Recieved

I haven’t been much on showing off gifts received since a fourth or fifth grade classmate dropped and broke my brand new Magic Eight Ball on the playground years ago.  However, I did receive a plethora of knitter’s loot.











Loopy Ewe sock blocker, KnitPicks gift certificate, and shawl pins from my woodworker dad.  (He’s got a whole tray of extras he’s made to sell as well.)











I’m thrilled to get this useful yarn meter.  Now I’ll know how much is in those odd balls and skeins in my stash.  I guess being excited about this qualifies me as a “crazy knitting old lady” to combine a couple of my sister’s more flattering terms.  (Jen, you’re only 6 years younger, so I wouldn’t get too cocky.)  I don’t think it would make me seem any less of a nerd to note that I’m also glad I got the Inspector Lewis and Hamish MacBeth DVD series as well.

 Gifts Given (Stealth Knitting Revealed)

My dad’s sweater.  KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Mocha Twist.  Pattern from Closely Knit.

My mom’s jacket.  Cascade Bollicine Revolution in the colors “4” and “11.”  “Cardigan with Garter Stitch Trim” from Knitter’s Stash combined with a waffle stitch.

My uncle’s scarf.  KnitPicks Wool of the Andes in Mocha Twist (again).  Pattern is the Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf.

Finally, someone got a sock full of crushed cat mint on Christmas morning.

I’m looking forward to my sister flying in near midnight on New Years Eve, so she can start the year out harassing me in person.


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