Busy As an Apiformes

So, suddenly I’m a busy little bee in the springtime.

I’ve been exercising 45 minutes each morning.  As of our final Biggest Loser weigh in yesterday, I’d dropped almost 12 pounds.  Our team came in second.  I’ve dropped one jeans size and am borderline on moving down another.  All of which makes me feel great, and I have no intention of stopping the exercise, but with the trip to and from the gym, it’s an hour out of my day.

I’ve dived right back into the family history I’d put on hold for a while.  I finally got a program (Reunion 9) to go with my Mac rather than the old PC, and it has the added benefit of loading on my iPod for portability of info when visiting libraries for research.  Which is really cool.  So even though my ultra-pragmatic sister says “Why do you care about those people — they’re all dead?” I still find it neat to dig up info on where I came from.  Looking at the actual records is fun for a former history major.  That’s the 1870 census above.  My mother’s side has early Massachusetts settlers (1600s), English sailors, and French Huguenots.  My dad’s family has a line from Bavaria and is really challenging because they moved around so much.

Of course I’m still knitting.

One of my coworkers wants a glasses case for her purse.  I knit and felted them and will give her a choice.

Finally, I’m still plugging away at a vest for myself.  I really like the way it’s constructed, with a contrasting side panel that flares out at the bottom.  It’s on US #3 needles, though, using fingering weight yarn, and it’s taking a while.  So I do a little here, and a little there when I can tear myself away from everything else.  Like the housework and laundry that await even as I type.


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